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Bitbank World Tour Germany station - the first state to recognize the legal currency status of bitcoin

Bitbank World Tour Germany station - the first state to recognize the legal currency status of bitcoin
Bitcoin growth and development is at its most efficient and productive in the land of Beer, Sausages and cars. In this installment of Bitbanks bitcoin around the world series we visit Germany to learn about the bitcoin community and how people are using bitcoin here. Bitcoin developers from around the world call Germany home especially in Berlin where there are work spaces full of bitcoin and blockchain start ups working to use this amazing technology to change the world. There is a very supportive environment for entrepenours to work and network in the city of Berlin where you can feel the progress being made with bitcoin technology.
Bitbank was fortunate to be able to attend the latest release from Storj while in Berlin to learn about the exciting services they will be offering for storing data in a decentralized and secure manner. We encourage everyone to learn more about them and how you can also participate by sharing your unused data and get rewarded for it.
We then met one of the most established Bitcoin companies in Germany, Vaultoro. Vaultoro allows you to trade gold for your bitcoin and even to use your bitcoin miners to mine Gold! We had the pleasure to meet with Joshua the CEO of Vaultoro and he was kind enough to give us a tour of the bitcoin hotspots in Berlin!
We continued our visit to “Transistor” one of the major work spaces in Germany that supports young startups to reach their goals. There we met The CTO of Bitwala Ben, Bitwala helps people around the world transfer funds to Europe from around the world with Bitcoin. We also met Dylan the CEO of all4btc where you can purchase products from around the world with bitcoin and get it delivered to you.
It was very nice to hear from these gentlemen how they are seeing the development of Bitcoin growing in Germany.
Bitbank was also thrilled to have the opportunity to present at one of the worlds most active bitcoin meetups, the “Berlin Bitcoin Meetup”. There we met with Brian the organizer of the meetups and the host of Epicenter a weekly show that interviews people in the bitcoin and blockchain industry. The community was very welcoming and interested about Bitcoin in China and about how we could increase communication with the communities.
We finished up our visit by going to the first physical location in the world to accept bitcoin “Room 77”. If you are in Germany this is the place to go to meet the community, discuss the latest news of whats happening locally with bitcoin and enjoy a nice drink and tasty food!
Bitbank was amazed at the amount of entrepenurial spirit in Germany when it comes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is being used as a tool to build products and services that make a difference and empower people to use the benefits of bitcoin and the blockchain. Bitbank also very much appreciates the sense of comradery that is strong in the community here and wish to thank everyone for the amazing welcome we experienced. We look forward to seeing the German bitcoin community contribute to the worldwide development of Bitcoin with the drive and determination that has made this country a powerhouse in the world! Danke Germany till next time!
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Bitcoin Farming in the near future Mining Farm Update #3 - Antminer S9 bitcoin miner, Litecoin L3+ and Ethereum too Zahlen mit Bitcoin! Bei Lieferando/Lieferservice mit Bitcoins bezahlen! (BitPay) At 77 She Sold Half Of Her Stuff To Live In Her Downstairs ... Talking about Room 77 with Joerg Platzer and Rick Falkvinge

Spread the love Room 77, the German bar and restaurant that claims to be the first retail outfit in the world to accept bitcoin payments, has shut down. Cypherpunk Holdings chief economist Jon Matonis broke the news on Twitter. Bar owner Jorg Platzer later confirmed it on Reddit. “Room 77 is closing for good,” Platzer revealed in a rather futuristic, celebratory post on Oct. 18. Mai, wurde auch ein Automat in der Bitcoin-Kneipe Room77 in Berlin eingeweiht. Der erste bekannte offizielle Bitcoin-ATM in Deutschland wurde jedoch in München in einer Spielothek gesichtet. Aufgestellt hat ihn die österreichische Firma Orderbob. Erst vor kurzem haben wir zudem von einem. Zwei stehen in Berlin, einer in Hamburg und einer in Essen. Süddeutschland muss sich also noch gedulden ... Im Berliner Room77 treffen verängstigte Spekulanten auf gelassene Blockchain-Idealisten. Wer wurde mit Bitcoin reich? Bei Bier und Burger bleibt das im Verborgenen. In Berlin, strict restrictions on the sale of alcohol remain in place, with bar operators banned from selling the product from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. The measures have badly affected profits. Located in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Room 77 began accepting bitcoin ( BTC ) as a means of payment in 2011, becoming the first bar, and most likely the first private retail outlet, in the world to do so. Lange Zeit war Deutschland der große weiße Fleck auf der Weltkarte der Bitcoin-Geldautomaten. Es gab sie in Österreich, der Niederlande, der Schweiz, Polen, Tschechien, überall - nur nicht in Deutschland. Nun ändert sich das. Die ersten Automaten werden gesichtet, unter anderem in Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Essen, München, Augsburg, Karlsruhe und Ulm.

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Bitcoin Farming in the near future

Update on the Antminer S9 bitcoin miner, Litecoin, and Ethereum small mining farm. bitcoin mining profitability calculator. https://www.cryptocompare.com/min... Talking about Room 77 with Joerg Platzer and Rick Falkvinge ... Zu Besuch bei The Room in Berlin - Duration: 6:29. Adventure Treff Recommended for you. 6:29. Lightning Fails to Strike (Again ... This mining thing has gone out of control... here I teach young people on how to hunt in.. THE FUTURE! If you wan´t me to review, preview, unbox one of your ... Zahlen mit Bitcoin! Bei Lieferando/Lieferservice mit Bitcoins bezahlen! Herzlich willkommen zu diesem Video. Hier werden wir dir zeigen wie ein Zahlungsvorga... Penny sold over half of her possessions to live simply and tiny in her tiny home on wheels. I am often asked about losted areas and ways around not having on...